Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Gloomy Day Reading

I'm participating in Road Trip Wednesday today by YAHighway

   The prompt: What's your go-to read for brightening up a gray day?

    This question is difficult for several reasons, not the least of which is that I enjoy gray days. I find them soothing. I like sweaters and blankets and fireplaces. The crackle of burning logs and the pitter-patter of raindrops are two of my favorite sounds. And have you heard the Stormy Day Singer-Songwriters station on Pandora?

   Summary: I'm not bummed at all that we've got a (superstitiously) predicted 6 more weeks of winter. In fact I hope that holds up way down here in Texas!

   When we're talking about bright, re-readable books though, I'm sure anyone who knows me even in passing can sense my love for Harry Potter. That series is by far the most-read of my bookcase collection. It's got a great balance of cheer-y with serious, comic-relief with suspense.

   But, if I'm being honest, I don't look for a brightening book for a gray day. I tip-toe into the world of any story within arm's reach. Lately it's been Orson Scott Card's Seventh Son or Boundaries (non-fiction, but whatever).

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

February Goals

My view this time last year <3

   So far I think I'm starting 2015 off a little better than 2014 - except for that view though. That's hard to beat. Otherwise, things are going well. I had a particularly productive day yesterday, thanks to my good old friend Nerd.

   Last month's goals ended up working out really well for me! #WriteandRun31 was so rewarding! I actually run by myself now. I no longer need someone to convince me to get my sneakers on and my butt out the door. So there's that. And my creative writing is much more focused. Summary: I loved the challenge and I plan to do it again in March. You should do it with me.

   Three Goals for February:
1. Yoga practice and low-FODMAP meals every day, all month.
I'm starting a FODMAP elimination diet in further attempts to get my stomach issues under control. There's so much about the world of food that I just never knew. It's been crazy interesting learning about this stuff. More info? Click here.
Nerd is no longer an acceptable choice unfortunately.
2. Finish re-setting up my vanity and desk space after the purge I did last month.
Why is it so much easier to throw things around than it is to put them back? *sigh*
3. Learn the basics of WordPress (sshh! don't tell my Blogger account) and webhosting.
Austin explained - and I mean really, really explained - the how's of the internet to me a few weeks ago and I think it's one of the most awesome things ever. I'm so excited to learn and understand more.


Sunday, January 11, 2015

2015 Goals

   I'm going to be honest with you, last year's goals did not go so well for me. Actually, a lot of last year didn't go so well for me. I really lost focus and motivation and self-esteem for a while. Lately though, I've had some great experiences. I'm feeling fired up and confident (or at least reckless enough to ignore the whole confidence thing) and making plans to more regularly recharge those aspects of my life.

  This year I'm trying to narrow in on fewer goals so that I can (hopefully) focus on them more easily.

     1. Finish editing my novel.
              It's getting there. It is.
     2. Quit something every Thursday.
              Thanks to Donald Miller for this one.
     3. Get a house and a dog.
     4. Accomplish 3 smaller-scale goals each month.
              This is where I intend to focus on hobbies, small projects, or details of my larger goals.
              The primary purpose of this is to prevent what I quit last Thursday from resurging. No more starting new projects before I finish old ones.

   I don't want to be someone who sets goals - I want to be someone who achieves them!

   On this note, here are my goals for January.

     1. Write and Run 31
     2. Finish a needlework piece that I started a while back. I've got the perfect person to gift it to now! And finish the Christmas ornaments we're making for this past Christmas . . .
     3. Get my new photo printer set up and finish printing & framing photos for home.


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