Sunday, January 11, 2015

2015 Goals

   I'm going to be honest with you, last year's goals did not go so well for me. Actually, a lot of last year didn't go so well for me. I really lost focus and motivation and self-esteem for a while. Lately though, I've had some great experiences. I'm feeling fired up and confident (or at least reckless enough to ignore the whole confidence thing) and making plans to more regularly recharge those aspects of my life.

  This year I'm trying to narrow in on fewer goals so that I can (hopefully) focus on them more easily.

     1. Finish editing my novel.
              It's getting there. It is.
     2. Quit something every Thursday.
              Thanks to Donald Miller for this one.
     3. Get a house and a dog.
     4. Accomplish 3 smaller-scale goals each month.
              This is where I intend to focus on hobbies, small projects, or details of my larger goals.
              The primary purpose of this is to prevent what I quit last Thursday from resurging. No more starting new projects before I finish old ones.

   I don't want to be someone who sets goals - I want to be someone who achieves them!

   On this note, here are my goals for January.

     1. Write and Run 31
     2. Finish a needlework piece that I started a while back. I've got the perfect person to gift it to now! And finish the Christmas ornaments we're making for this past Christmas . . .
     3. Get my new photo printer set up and finish printing & framing photos for home.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

2014 Highlights

   I'm going to be honest here - 2014 isn't something I've really felt like celebrating. There are just so many things that didn't go right. And there are so many reasons why and how I should have done them better.

   There really were a lot of great things that happened though. The more I reflect, and the more time I spent trying to write this post, the more I've realized that. So I'm going to celebrate the year anyway, because I'm really thankful for and excited about these things.

- Austin getting a new job
- Meeting my soon-to-be-aunt
- Celebrating our second anniversary
- Having a 5-week stint with a personal trainer
- Quitting my day job
- Completing the first semester of an intense theology program
- Conquering fitness goals - a 5K, a triathlon, and a 5 mile run
- Hosting a Harry Potter themed Halloween cocktail party
- Learning we'll have a niece in the spring
- Going home for Christmas

1. Triathlon Training series
2. No Eating Out For a Month
3. Why I've Realized I Like Running
4. Gamify Your Life
5. California Holiday Vacation
6. On Busyness and Peace
7. Utah Ski Trip
8. Napa Valley Wine Tasting
9. My First 5K
10. Our First Triathlon

- Playing lots of Settlers of Catan and League of Legends
- Travelling to new places
- Accomplishing some serious decluttering
- Making new friends
- Good conversations and deepening relationships
- Discovering the Highly Sensitive Person
- Learning more about what I don't care about so I can let those things go

LEARNING EXPERIENCES (my positive spin on "things that didn't work"):
Trying to do too much. Starting new things before I finished old ones. Jealousy. Watching television too early in the day. Not being firm with decisions. Watching tv more than I read. Letting obstacles demotivate me rather than challenge me. Letting other people's negative comments alter my outlook.

A new plan for 2015 coming soon.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Vegetarian Winter Cooking

   I have tried a lot of new recipes in the last few months. Here are the best of them!

Much easier than it sounds! 

 This makes a great vegetarian main dish. Savory and good texture.  
Careful not to overheat. Especially when reheating. Hard quinoa is no good.  


I served these with mashed potatoes and gravy - like bangers and mash!

Dip them in plain yogurt and serve with a side of beans! 

Let me know what you think if you try any of these!


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