Monday, December 31, 2012

A Holly Jolly Christmas, Part 3

Christmas Day
We slept in, and then:
Tried out our new caramel vanilla coffee in a Christmas mug

Opened stockings

Christmas Day Brunch:
The spread

Fruit and green waffles

 For making Christmas trees!

Fried tomatoes and omelette cups

Hashbrown casserole (SO. GOOD.), pink stuff, and yogurt

 Nelly's Christmas feast - a can of tuna

Gift Opening Time:

We spent the weekend before Christmas with my dad&family and Austin's family (Christmas with my mom is taking place after Christmas this year). So Christmas Day was for opening gifts from each other and the ones that my grandmother sent us.

We decided to give each other 3 gifts this year, with the following requirements:
1. All three gifts plus the stuff for each other's stockings were to fall under a predetermined monetary value.
2. The three gifts must include: 1 gift that we knew the other wanted, 1 gift the other needed, and 1 gift that was a surprise.

Courtney's gifts from Austin:
WANT - Red sparkly shirt - I was pointing and smiling at every single red, sparkly shirt we passed in Kohl's a few weekends ago. 
NEED - New computer mouse with thumb support
SURPRISE - a Get Out of the House Kit . . . because I'm pretty bad about that

Austin's gifts from Courtney:
WANT - subscription to GameInformer
NEED - wired XBox controller . . . alright, that one's a bit of a stretch, but I justified it mostly by saying that he needed it for his surprise gift. Also, we only had one, so if we ever wanted to play anything together we couldn't.

Austin made fun of me for unwrapping things and pulling off tape too carefully.
I say, why cause undue damage to something that a) you don't know if you might break what's inside and 2) you can reuse?
(Secret: I never buy boxes, gift bags, or tissue paper. Maybe that makes me cheap, but I prefer to think of it as being smart . . . and, er, recycling . . . go green . . .)

Cool, right?

 Austin has to shake his gifts before he opens them . . . and think really hard about what sounds they make

 And then just by opening one corner of the gift wrap . . . guess what is inside.

He was right!

I'm really excited to have a wine stopper. No more trying to shove corks back in the bottle!

I love when gifts are hidden in the tree :)
It makes me feel like I'm in a movie.

 I definitely needed this - such a thoughtful gift! Complete with maps and gift cards so that I can't make my excuse that "I don't want to go out because I don't want to spend money"

 After holding this face for a full minute Austin started rubbing his cheek with the game and making a "my precccciousssss" face
(This was very much a surprise gift, thanks to my super savvy Black Friday shopping.)

Then he made this face when I asked him to recreate the "my preccccioussss" face for a photo

Computer Building Time:

We played Halo for a little while (of course), ate some left overs, and did some logic puzzles from our stockings. And then I played around with the settings on my new camera while Austin built a computer - seriously.

Austin's parents and my dad & stepmom went in together to give Austin a new computer for Christmas. He picked out all of the parts when we visited them last weekend and started putting it together Christmas Day.

The Highlight of the Day:

This kitty tower was Nelly's gift. And he loved it so much he didn't leave it for more than a minute for the next 24 hours. He even slept there! And he always sleeps in our bed.

We videoed him "opening" it, but it won't load on here right now for some reason. I'll post it later on if I can get it to work!

How was your Christmas? I would love to hear about it!

- Courtney


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