Wednesday, January 30, 2013

10 Things To Know Before You're 30

I came across this list on The Nest (they send me emails from time to time). And I thought it was useful.

Here's how I stack up:

#1. How to Budget
Budgeting somehow comes naturally to me. Maybe because I enjoy working with numbers so much. Austin and I keep a budget spreadsheet in Google Docs that way we both have access to it at any given time and any information about deposits/expenditures we make are available immediately to both of us. This is extra important because we have only 1 checking account.

#2. How to Cook (at Least) One Signature Dish
I wouldn't say that I have a signature dish per say, but I can cook a lot of different things . . .
Does that count?
I think it should count.

#3. How to Write Professionally
This one I'll be working on probably until the day that I die. I love writing and I love improving my writing abilities. I can write really great academic writing, but with the resume and cover letter and professional email parts I still have a very long way to go.
Being concise would probably help . . . not really my forte.

#4. How Not to Part With Your Hard Earned Cash
It has been ingrained into me since birth to save 10% of every paycheck. And I do that for us every time, without fail. I'm also usually pretty good about spending choices. Considering value for money, value for use, and value for percentage of paycheck. It's kind of a natural thing for me.
I can thank my frugal father for all of that wisdom.

#5. How to Change a Flat Tire
Still need to work on this one. I have the right general idea, but I've never actually tried doing it in real life.

#6. How to Look Up Your Credit Report

#7. How to Manage Your Money Digitally
I gave up on keeping paper checkbook registers when I went to college (sorry, Dad!). All of our bills are paid online and we receive electronic statements instead of paper.

#8. How to Swim
Thankfully, I've had this one covered for many years.

#9. How to Move On
Definitely something I've been working and improving upon in the last couple of years. And hopefully another great step in that direction will come from this.

#10. How to Strike a Balance Between Work and Life
I've always struggled with balancing school and life, but now that it has become work and life I've found that much easier. There are definitely still areas that I could improve upon there, but lately I've just been the positive changes.
How I'll balance work, life, and graduate school in the future . . . well, this will probably become a much bigger issue. I think I'll just worry about that when it gets here.

6 out of 10 really isn't bad considering I'm not even 22 years old yet.

How do you fit into this list?
If you're 30+, do you think these are indeed valuable skills to master by the time you're 30?


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