Sunday, October 6, 2013

50 Questions to Free Your Mind: #2

Q#2: Which is worse, failing or never trying?

   This question at first seemed obvious. Because obviously "never trying" is far worse? Right?

   But I didn't think I was doing much freeing of the mind if the answer was that simple. So I thought about it some more and tried to find a perspective which yielded the answer "failing" instead. I came up with two:

1. A person who wants to give an authentic answer, not just what they think it should be. (ouch)
2. A person who has everything in the world to lose from the failure.

   From there, I found the purpose of this question (as it applies to me at least). Am I failing or am I not trying? And, either way, what do I stand to lose?

   The first thing to come to mind for me is my dream of being a writer. I have done and continue to do a whole lot of failing there. What do I have to lose? The time I put into it, the energy I put into it, the money I'm not making at a more traditional job, the experience I'm not getting with a more traditional job, the possibility that I'm chasing something that was never meant to be mine. But I love it and I think even if it's completely a 100% failure in every way, it will have been well worth all of the costs.

   But then I start to think of a thousand other little things that while, less significant, still matter. I think about all of the times that I give up before I even try. I think about all of the times where it's just easier to ask my husband to fix something for me, because what if I waste all of this time trying without any progress, when Austin could definitely fix it with ease? I think about all of the times I've thought something sounded awesome, but decided prematurely that it could never work out for me.

   What do I have to lose? Or I suppose, more importantly, what if I was successful? Not only would a problem be solved or an experience be had, but my trying would have produced something. Is it worth the risk of all the things that could go wrong? Is it worth the investment of time and energy that I could put elsewhere? Is it worth the money, where money is concerned?

   Now, I understand that humans have limited time and limited resources, so we have to prioritize. Trust me, I am no stranger to that. I still can't help but think though, should I make "trying" more of a priority? Are those little things in life worth taking a big-picture attitude towards? What do I have to lose? And do I really believe that "never trying" is worse than "failing", if I don't live it more thoroughly?

Anyone else have thoughts here?

Besides my husband that is, who is most certainly hoping I stop asking him to fix so many things ;)


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