Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October Goals

Helllllo October :)

   It's still not quite feeling like Fall for me yet. It's not Fall until I've been to the State Fair of Texas (coming up in a week and a half - whoo!). Anyway, I can't decide if I want to break out the spicy autumn scents, start baking with pumpkin, and put out the Halloween decorations yet or wait just a little while longer . . . We'll see.

    September Summary
   This month was seriously ridiculous, but I still managed to make a few accomplishments.

Hair cutI made the appointment and went in for a consultation (had no idea stylists did that). It's actually getting cut tomorrow, which is October and not September, but progress was made and the hair will be cut. That's the point after all.
Essential oils - I'm finding out some interesting things. Some are encouraging and positive, while others not so much. I have a couple of posts in the works about my experience, but if you have any questions or more suggestions for resources please comment or email.
Investing book - I only made it through 4 chapters, but that's okay. I decided on 5 because  a) it's a good number and b) 3, which is a better number, seemed like too little. Four seems to be a realistic but challenging amount, so I'll continue that in October.
Still working on - that DVD stack, the letters, and reconnecting

October Goals
1. Read 4 more chapters of my investing book.
2. Finish reading the first Left Behind book and start Allegiant (which comes out October 22)!
3. Get our patio furniture. 
4. Do the monthly things from my 101 in 1,001: bake something from Pinterest and memorize a new Bible verse - haven't decided which ones yet though
5. Don't hit the snooze button a SINGLE time all month. That's going to be a challenge for Austin and me both. Does anyone else want to take the challenge with us?
6. Finish setting up the guest bathroom and my vanity.
7. Set up a prayer request spot.
8. Have our family photos taken.
9. Watch a football game at Cain and Able's.
10. Answer 2 questions from this list.

But seriously, who else is up for this?
 Feel free to snag a button if you are.

Of Fairy Tales and Sunset Trails

If you set monthly goals make sure to share them or a link to a post about them in the comments. 
I would love to see what your plans are for October!


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